National Blood Collaborative (NBC) is a national network of leading blood centers that came together in 2012 to create a new U.S. blood services organization. Working in partnership, the National Blood Collaborative has the capacity to respond to the increasing economic demands of hospitals and healthcare systems—efficiently and cost effectively. We deliver blood management services through local and not-for-profit community-based centers.

Today NBC is comprised of a network of 8 blood centers that collects, processes and distributes more than one million blood components every year, serving hospital customers in 35 states (and licensure for more).

NBC is also a worldwide provider of biological products to life sciences and pharmaceutical companies.  We specialize in all human blood derived products, platelet lysate, cord blood and specialized donor draws requiring IRB approved collections on a national scale.

Why is NBC the best choice as your local or national human blood provider?

  • NBC offers a wealth of experience , support and a geographically-diverse supply chain
  • Superior blood collection, delivery and blood management expertise.
  • Dependable supply, reliable fill rates, competitive pricing and assured regulatory compliance
  • Forward-thinking, customer-focused model of collaboration for blood component production, management and distribution.


For more information about how NBC can provide human blood / biologics products and services to you, please contact Amber Gilbert, Vice President of Business Intelligence at (580) 310-2100 or agilbert@nationalbloodcollaborative.org.